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Full Day | 6am-4pm
$1450 Private Charter (max of 6 passengers)
$250 Per person
$175 Per person
$1000 Private Charter (max of 6 passengers)
Half Day | 6am-11:30am


San Francisco Bay’s premier sport fishing charter boat

“The Fishin’ Game” is the most highly recommended fishing charter boat in San Francisco Bay. Our level of service and dedication has earned our fishing trips more 5 Star Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews than any other fishing charter boat in San Francisco.

Our fishing charters are geared towards a fun, comfortable experience for anglers of all skills and ages. Our charters carry a maximum of 6 passengers, guaranteeing each guest the simple luxury of elbow room, inside and out, and the personal attention of the crew. San Francisco’s waters offer excellent charter fishing for salmonhalibutstriped basssharksturgeon, lingcodand rock fish. Our primary goal is to help you catch fish in the most comfortable conditions available.

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Recent Testimonies


So, my 12 year old daughter had been hounding us to take her fishing on the bay.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a fishing type of person, and was pretty hesitant to go.  My wife and I finally gave in and found San Francisco Fishing Charter.  From the second we stepped on the boat, we were treated like family.  The boat was super clean and comfortable.  Brian and Jose were awesome! Super nice guys! We had the greatest time.  We moved around the bay when the fish were not biting, and were able to catch shark and stripper.  Absolutely great day! We had such a great time that we are going back for another day in August.  Thank you Brian and Jose for a great experience!!


Javier D.
Newark, CA. – 5/19/2015


You want a day of fishing to relax and enjoy the weather with an awesome crew? Brian and Jose are the guys I’d recommend to friends and family alike. We had an incredible day on the water in the “Fishin’ Game”, the name of the boat from what I remember. It was a pleasant ride out, with Brian pointing out Bay porpoises and other wild life. We got to troll a bit because we were early, and then spent the day bait fishing while enjoying the amazing weather. We played our favorite music, enjoyed the food and drink we brought, and spent the day catching fish. I say catching, because Brian and Jose took care of everything else. They were both great guys who provided anything we could ask for. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fish, Brian gives a short tutorial before getting started, less than 5 minutes, and you’re prepared to spend the day fishing like a pro.


At the end of the day, your fish are cleaned and prepped for you to cook as soon you get home. It honestly felt like we were on vacation fishing in Mexico, truly an excellent way to remove yourself from the Bay Area for a few hours. I can’t recommend Brian and Jose highly enough, we’ll be out on the water again soon. We went out on the first Sunday in March for reference.

Carson C.
San Francisco, CA – 3/11/2015




Brian and Jose, they da best. Caught our quota of rock cod, I think it was 10 per person so we started to fish for salmon and caught three fish and three more got away. All this and we were back in by 12:30.


Brian and Jose could not do enough for us – changing bait, unsnagging my line from the bottom, and mostly taking fish of the lines.  By the time we got back in port all the fish were filleted.  We grilled and fried fish for days.


Go fishing with Brian and Jose and have a memory that will last forever.

John G
Colfax, CA – 6/19/2015





Over 60 5-star reviews? 100% perfect, really?! YES, BELIEVE IT! My hubby & I are glad we did.


SHORT VERSION: Brian & Jose are great guys. Brian’s boat is extremely clean, he only allows 6 passengers & we all limited out on striped bass. I would book this trip again in a heartbeat. Very professionally-run operation. Brian personally answers the emails in a very timely manner.


Detailed version: Because Brian limits trips to only 6 passengers, there’s plenty of elbow room. Everyone has a comfy seat in the cabin while underway. We saw other boats with 12 to 30 passengers…no thank you.


Brian provides instructions on how to work the reel & how to discern between a bass hit & a halibut hit AND how to react to each.


Live, active, hearty bait was provided. It was sardine or mackerel; I can’t remember. They bait the hooks because there’s a trick to it but they also teach you if you want to learn.


Brian & Jose net the fish and take care of getting them into the holding tank. They keep the boat deck clean at all times and, speaking of clean, the bathroom was amazingly clean…like “woman” clean.


The boat captains share info, which I found refreshing. Brian doesn’t stay in spots long if fish are not biting. He knows a lot about currents, tides, fishing grounds, etc., in short, HE KNOWS W-T-H HE’S DOING! He (& Jose too) are very personable people. Super nice guys.


Brian cleaned the fish and put in zip lock bags for everyone. My husband & I are locals do we’ll likely do this trip 4-5 times a year, rotating the seasons (catch.)


Book with confidence; you will have loads of fun. Totally worth the money. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Staci O.
Orangevale, CA – 4/12/2015


Fishing Report

Deep Sea Ocean or San Francisco Bay fishing trips:

These “full day” trips will normally last between 10 and 12 hours, and the “half day” trips will last 6 to 7 hours. Trip lengths vary depending on the tides and the weather. Departure time will vary with the tides, to maximize your fishing time. A private charter can adjust the departure and arrival times to suit their schedule.

Current Rates

Full Day | 6am-4pm
$250 Per person (full day)
$1450 Full day private charter (maximum of 6 passengers)

Half Day | 6am-11:30am
$175 Per person (half day)
$1000 Half day private charter (maximum of 6 passengers)

In season now are:
Striped Bass (San Francisco Bay)

Shark (San Francisco Bay)
Halibut (San Francisco Bay)
Salmon (Pacific Ocean)
Rock Fish / Lingcod (Pacific Ocean)